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HelpStation helps you run your household and your life.

Paperwork too boring? Computer too intimidating? House move too overwhelming? Longing to complete that project but not sure how?

Let us help you manage. We offer administrative and support services to a very high level, working at your pace to meet your needs. We realise that household administration can be daunting, and our approach is sensitive, patient and transparent.

If you are stuck, not used to coping on your own or simply too busy to do the job yourself, please email or call 0790 333 5060.

A wide range of services

HelpStation offers a versatile and professional service. We are happy to take on small one-off jobs and large projects, or to provide ongoing regular assistance. We can do the job for you or support you to do it yourself.

We are used to new challenges, so if you need help with something that's not on the list, feel free to get in touch. If you ask for something we cannot help with, we will always be up-front with you. See our About Us page for more details.

Click, tap or mouse over the pictures below for some examples of our services.

Your computer
  • Helping you choose the right computer or printer, and setting it up to suit you.
  • Making sense of word processors and spreadsheets.
  • Rationalising computer files and moving them between devices.
  • Creating your own website.
House interior
Your home
  • Downsizing: helping with difficult and emotional decisions.
  • Helping you settle into your new home.
  • Organising and tidying your books, music or videos.
  • Decluttering and sorting your possessions.
Old photos and documents
Your project
  • Helping you write your memoirs.
  • Editing, proof-reading or referencing your manuscript.
  • Designing and producing your book or other documents.
  • Helping to sort your photos and create a digital or hard-copy album.
Pile of papers
Your paperwork
  • Sorting and filing your papers.
  • Tackling official forms.
  • Helping you fill in your tax return (note: we do not offer accounting or professional financial services).
  • Working with you to organise your financial and other records.


All jobs are unique so it is always best to email or call 0790 333 5060 for a quote. As a rough guide, our charges are around £50/hour – more for highly technical work and less if we are contracted for a large or ongoing project.

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